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Health Benefits

Beyond providing full medical benefits and a safe and healthy work environment, our factory houses a well-equipped, staffed medical clinic open to all our employees. Our canteen provides wholesome meals, cooked fresh daily in a central cafeteria.

Venus Jewel also conducts regular anti-tobacco campaigns with its workers and operates under strictly regulated eight-hour shifts, with an hour-long lunch.

Safety and Hazard Prevention

A full-time safety officer works with our Safety Committee to ensure that we strictly adhere to the methods and mechanisms that protect our workforce.

Salary Incentives

Our workers enjoy the strongest package of wages and benefits in the Indian diamond industry. They are also entitled to bonuses and other compensation, based on how much value each individual adds to the diamond allotted to their care.

Continuous Improvement

Venus Jewel knows that a company that is not improving is falling behind. To encourage innovation, our partners take a personal interest in fostering open communication, creative thinking and development training by our staff. Every idea is given our full consideration, with the most powerful ideas being implemented rapidly and rewarded financially.

One of the keys to continuous improvement is to put the right people in the right roles and train them across every aspect of our business. This education not only hones our employees' skillsets and helps them see the value of each other's roles, it also gives them the freedom - and the obligation-to challenge each other when opportunities exist to improve on a rough diamond's plan and cull more value from the stone.

To this nurturing and training, we add technology that has been proven to enhance the value of our diamonds. One example is computer modeling, which helps us carefully consider the myriad choices a diamond presents and select the cut that offers the most beautiful - and valuable - result. The model is just one part of a fully integrated computerized planning and tracking system Venus Jewel uses to follow each diamond from a rough stone to a polished gem to a delighted customer.

This union of training, technology and creative freedom is fueled by incentives-both bonuses and internal rankings - that encourage our employees to see each stone as an opportunity. Through this, we unlock the potential of not just each diamond we work with, but each person as well.

"If you show your ability at Venus Jewel, you'll always have the opportunity to grow."

Social Security Provisions

Venus Jewel covers all statutory benefits for its workers, such as contributions to the Employees Provident Fund Organization - India's pension program - and the Employee State Insurance Scheme of India (ESIC), which provides financial support during illness. The company has also created a voluntary internal pension system, funded solely by Venus Jewel through an irrevocable trust, to benefit retired workers and those with a long-term work history with the company. This internal pension system gives employees the comfort that when they retire, the company they helped support will, in turn, help support them.

It's not just that the employees are taken care of, the principals look after every family as well. We have an extended family at Venus Jewel, from the top down.

From the artisans who evoke beauty from the rough to the analysts who track international markets, our employees are our partners in building Venus Jewel. Their craftsmanship and commitment to creating the world's finest natural diamonds is fundamental to our success. We acknowledge their dedication by not only building a workspace that is comfortable and equipped with the most modern tools of the diamond trade, but also by creating a culture that develops their abilities, rewards their skills and cares for their well-being.

To ensure this, Venus Jewel adheres to all relevant health and safety measures, labor regulations and environmental guidelines, both in letter and in spirit. We regularly host training sessions on our values, our anti-discrimination and anti-sexual harassment programs, our wages and benefits, and a host of other topics to ensure our employees feel secure in their workplace.